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Condom Effectiveness Against Pregnancy

When used correctly all the time and every time you have sex condoms are said to be 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. When not used correctly all time and every time you have sex condoms are said to be 85% effective at preventing pregnancy. For more information about condom effectiveness click here.

Condom Effectiveness Against STIs

There are many Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). A latex condom can reduce the risk of STI transmission to or from the head of the penis. However, some STIs can also be spread by other sexual contact. For increased protection a condom should be unrolled all the way down to the base of the penis.

Ensuring Condom Effectiveness

Every Kimono condom is individually tested to ensure reliability. This means before a condom is rolled up and packaged, it must pass the "Microscopic Pinhole Test". During this electronic test, each condom is subjected to a current of electricity. The electric current runs throughout the condom and detects even the tiniest pinhole, and/or weak areas on the condom -- both of which are a cause for immediate destruction.

5X Tested for Strength and Reliability

In addition to the Electronic Pinhole Test, each Kimono condom batch undergoes a series of rigorous tests to ensure strength and reliability. These tests include the airburst test; water burst test, tensile test; aging test, and water leak test. This series of tests ensures reliable protection against pregnancy and disease.

The Condom Formula

Testing ensures that Kimono condoms are strong and reliable, but without our unique proprietary formula, Kimono condoms would not be what they are today.

Before the latex is used to produce condoms it undergoes many critical tests. Technicians test and analyze latex for quality and purity before it is used to make condoms. The quality of latex determines the elasticity and strength of the condom. Only the highest grades of latex can meet the specifications for manufacturing Kimono condoms.

"Slip into a Kimono. Feel the difference" we really want you to compare Kimono condoms to those of our competitors. Condom users consistently refer to Kimono condoms as "smooth and silky"-- a unique sensation that is difficult to describe, but a pleasure to experience.

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